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May 03 2015


Why social media and marketing can restore your business

Social media and marketing are the best ingredients to create a powerful, successful advertising scheme. The exponentially growing of online social networks in the past few years have developed a huge upswing for online marketing. Only Facebook alone has almost one billllion active profiles, imagine advertising your product to only 1% of these users. Amazing, that's ten million potentially customers. WIth Facebook, any small business can be turned into a large-scale oportunity. Today, every major companies or smaller ones, secure a big portion of their profits for online advertising. Because of its massive marketing potential, Facebook is the top pick online marketing area for private corporations, huge-franchizes, fast-food industry, all the major motor companies, clothing industry, major sports clubs and the list goes on and on.
When marketing on Facebook, you get exposure to a large-scale public, you increase sales ratio, you determine the customer's opinions on certain products that help you re-design or re-develop these services.

Bear in mind that most of the Facebook users want to interact with friends and to keep in touch with the latest trends in social behaviour, and not to search for new brand arrivals or business oportunities. That's not automatically bad for a business. A god tip is to animate your Facebook business with fun activities.
For instance, a well known soda company made its way into the Facebook's top pages with its fun campaign where they encouraged people to take photos of themselves while drinking a can of soda and offered the best-of-the-best ones attractive prizes.
This is a great idea of focusing people on your products and also encouraging them to have fun at the same time.
This beeing said, if you want your business to grow or even if you want to re-invent your corner shop, your italian restaurant or your car-rental company you should definitely consider joining social media marketing.


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